Whether simple or spectacular, Lighting sets the mood and feel of an event. A simple conference can be enhanced with subtle, but effective lighting - an awards ceremony can have a real sense of excitement added - a party can be transformed from dull to amazing.

l02_archant_dscf0441Anagram have lighting designers from right across the spectrum of Theatre, TV and Rock&Roll. This broadness of knowledge base ensures that we can design the right lighting for any show using people that really understand the effect that is to be achieved.

As well as using the right designer, we use the right lighting fixtures. For instance, a theatrical wash light designed to light a broad area (e.g. a Coda) gives a much more even colour wash on a set wall than a sealed-beam fixture like a PAR can - at no greater cost. Increasing use is now made of LED fixtures since the low heat output and compact dimensions means they can be integrated into a set to achieve effects that are difficult or impossible with conventional lighting fixtures.


Apart from visible stage lighting we are also experienced in exterior and interior architectural lighting. This can comprise atmospheric room lighting,  themed areas or the highlighting of building architectural features.

 This background lighting expertise comes into it's own on recent projects such as the Christmas themed event marquees that we supply, or architectural lighting for College Balls.


trinity07_dsc_1330_01Based in Cambridge, it is inevitable that we are involved in College events. We have been the sole production contractor for both Trinity College (2005-2006) and St Johns College (2003-2007) May Balls. These are the largest two events of May week and are an excellent showcase for our architectural lighting expertise. 



Lighting and Video Converging

 With real-time media server tools such as Hippotiser and ArKaos, a lighting operator can directly control video replay onto normal screens or less conventional elements such as LED lighting fixtures.

lg0896This can add an extra dimension to the lighting of an event - see almost any TV talent show for a demonstration of Hippotiser in action!

Anagram have ArKaos in-house  and have specified and used Hippotiser on several shows.

We have a wide range of conventional, intelligent and LED lighting fixtures in our inventory plus all the necessary dimming and control gear.

In support of the lighting side of the company Anagram have a large inventory of power distribution, cabling, truss and rigging. This enables us to provide complete site power installations for both the visible areas of a production and also the important back of house areas such as kitchens and bars.










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